The GeoTMS Assessors module allows users to view GeoTMS information and manage data exchanges between GeoTMS information and a copy of your assessors information.

With the Assessors Module module you can:

  • View GeoTMS parcel and owner information
  • Periodically update and individually edit GeoTMS parcel, structure, and project information
  • Compare parcel, owner of record, and tax title information between GeoTMS, GIS, and Assessor file
  • Update GeoTMS parcel, owner(s) of record, and tax title information using a file created from an outside source
  • Export GeoTMS permit information to a file that can be used by another application

The Assessors Module module has the following features:

  • Update screen features that easily allow you to specify the type and location of the file that will be used to update GeoTMS information, and map the fields to the corresponding GeoTMS fields
  • File analysis features that compare GeoTMS, GIS and assessor files to each other to determine differences in records between each of them
  • Automatic update selection feature that allow you to select the day and time spans for any application to automatically update GeoTMS information

The information maintained by the Assessors Module module can easily be accessed and reported in a variety of ways including:

  • GIS map displays of the parcel and abutters to the parcel of GeoTMS records
  • Screens that display tables, and summary or detailed information as needed
  • Summary and detail printed reports generated based on criteria selected