Building, Electrical, and Mechanical Permits

The Building, Electrical, & Mechanical Permits (Building Permits) module tracks construction permits (i.e. building, electrical and gas), permit inspections, and certificates of occupancy under the responsibility of the Building Department.

With the Building Permits module you can:

  • Create building and other construction permits, including custom permit types
  • Record permit inspections in the office or on the road
  • Record conditions and violations for each permit or activity on a parcel
  • Print permits either to standard module documents or department created custom documents
  • Issue certificates of occupancy once the work has been satisfactorily completed

Once the permit records are created, activity is tracked using specialized Building Permits module features including:

  • Checklists that can be created and customized to each permit inspection type tracked in this module
  • Task specific wizard screens and drop down lists that help you enter information quickly and accurately
  • Automatic warning flags that display when specific conditions are present such as unpaid tax liens, fees and permits that are still open

The information maintained by the Building Permits module can easily be accessed and reported in a variety of ways including: 

  • Screens that display summary or detailed information as needed
  • Occupancy certificates that specify temporary or permanent status
  • Summary and detail printed reports generated based on criteria selected
  • GIS map displays of the parcel and abutters to the parcel of the permit record