Conservation Commission

The Conservation/Wetlands Management (Conservation) module tracks reviews and determinations related to the protection of water bodies including rivers, estuaries and wetlands.

With the Conservation module you can:

  • Create custom determinations in the exact wording used in the department
  • Send notices to owners of parcels within a specified distance of the parcel in the application
  • Record hearings for each review created
  • Record conditions for each review to appear in the printed orders of condition
  • Print Orders of Condition either to standard module documents or department created custom documents

Once the petition records are created, activity is tracked using specialized Conservation module features including:

  • Review specific hearing detail screens where the members present, application votes, and the minutes of the hearing are recorded
  • Task specific wizard screens and drop down lists that help you enter information quickly and accurately
  • Review deadline calculation features that allow you to specify how to calculate important deadlines for each application type, and calculate deadlines based on dates selected in the record
  • Enhanced abutter list generators that allow you to add and edit existing abutter lists and use them to merge into standard or department created documents which are sent to owners of surrounding properties

The information maintained by the Conservation module can easily be accessed and reported in a variety of ways including:

  • Screens that display summary or detailed information as needed
  • Various letters, notices, and postings related to hearings and abutters to the property
  • Summary and detail printed reports generated based on criteria selected
  • GIS map displays of the parcel and abutters to the parcel of the petition record