GeoTMS is a windows based land management solution that streamlines permitting, licensing, inspecting, and reviewing processes.

GeoTMS is a complete land-management software package designed for local government agencies who are looking for a software solution that enables them to electronically process and track information such as applications, permits, inspections and licenses. GeoTMS is a user-friendly, Windows-based product that integrates database applications, GIS imaging, and CAD into one integrated, networked solution. Installation of the solution helps the agency transform the lengthy and complex permitting process into the fast and simple. Unlike the typical high-priced local government solutions, GeoTMS is a modular based solution that allows a local government agencies to begin an implementation in one department and roll out an enterprise-wide solution department by department over a short period of time.

Embedded GIS Capabilities

We have learned that many local government employees do not have enough time available to learn all of the vast capabilities that are available to them when using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology. For that reason we have designed our application to provide GIS capability at your fingertips when you need it to perform your job. GeoTMS includes GIS functionality that allows a user to quickly an easily view, query, and manipulate GIS data without any conversion or complicated setup. GeoTMS users can perform an everyday task like searching for all of the abutters within 300 feet of a parcel in seconds. Once located, the abutter's list can be printed out in report format, used to generate mailing labels, or merged into standard form letters or post cards.

Complaint Tracking & Details Screen

Another major function built into GeoTMS is a fully integrated complaint tracking system. Users have the ability to record a complaint forward it to the appropriate department, and recall detailed history such as details of the call, who it was forwarded to, actions or violations taken, or pictures taken at the location.

Parcel Listings

GeoTMS modules allow the user to look-up parcel, structure, and project information easily and quickly. A complete and accurate listing of these items can be accessed at any time and information such as owners of record, structure details, historic permits, special conditions, assurities, violations and more can be reviewed, even without a GIS system being in place!

Automatic Checks


Another important function built into GeoTMS is it's ability to automatically check for outstanding taxes and fees. At critical points in the process such as creating a new application or printing a permit, GeoTMS automatically checks whether there are outstanding fees owed in your or other departments and whether there are taxes owed on the parcel where the activity is proposed. In addition, departments can "red-flag" a project because they have a concern.



All GeoTMS modules have built in report wizards that allow a user to group, sort, and dynamically generate a report on whatever aspect of the process they wish. Report generators are designed to be easy-to-use, wizard based tools, that allow users to output the data in a standard report format, automatically display the information in your GIS, or output to your own custom report format.