GeoTMS Inspector

GeoTMS Inspector provides your inspector with the ultimate in flexibility. With GeoTMS Inspector you can conduct:

"Any Inspection...Anywhere...Anytime".

GeoTMS Inspector is a Windows Mobile solution that comes complete with checklists, search capabilities, complaint tracking, and inspection and permit logs. One download to the Handheld provides each inspector with data for every parcel in the municipality and a complete listing of all permits and projects. With this information the inspector is now free to inspect any property, project, or complaint.

And with syncing technology provided, uploading a completed inspection is efficient and effortless. By simply placing the unit in the "cradle" the inspector can initiate the upload procedure. Once the upload is completed the GeoTMS database has all the inspection or complaint data.


  • Portable- Put every parcel in your shirt pocket
  • User-Friendly- Easy-to-use design allows you to "click" through inspections with ease
  • Designed to work with the Health Module, Fire Module, & BEM Permits(Building, Electrical, & Mechanical Permits)


  • Increase Productivity- Paperless processing of inspections