The Licensing module tracks commercial licenses (i.e. alcohol serving license) and special permits (i.e. parades, sidewalk sales) not related to construction activity as well as pet licenses.

With the Licensing module you can:

  • Create any number of commercial licenses, event permits, or pet licenses used in the department
  • Specify which license types involve alcoholic beverages and which do not
  • Renew multiple commercial licenses that are about to expire at the same time
  • Record conditions and violations against the business
  • View complaints recorded against the business

Once the permit and license records are created, activity is tracked using specialized Licensing module features including:

  • Task specific wizard screens and drop down lists that help you enter information quickly and accurately
  • A commercial license batch renewal mechanism that allows users to generate letters and labels simultaneously for commercial permits that are about to expire
  • Special certificate formats available to distinguish the appearance of alcohol licenses from others

The information maintained by the Licensing module can easily be accessed and reported in a variety of ways including:

  • Screens that display summary or detailed information as needed
  • Permits/Licenses generated for each commercial license and event permit type created
  • Summary and detail printed reports generated based on criteria selected
  • GIS map displays of the parcel and abutters to the parcel of the license/permit record