Public Viewer

The GeoTMS Public Viewer module allows users to view general GeoTMS information except complaints. It is designed to provide the general public a window to view GeoTMS information without the ability to edit review, permit, and license records. This module is similar to the Official’s Viewer module, but without the complaint tracking feature.

With the Public Viewer module you can:

  • View GeoTMS parcel, structure, project and other information without abilities to edit records
  • Track general activity in all GeoTMS modules
  • Create reports based on GeoTMS information

The information maintained by the Public Viewer module can easily be accessed and reported in a variety of ways including:

  • Screens that display tables, and summary or detailed information as needed
  • Summary and detail printed reports generated based on criteria selected
  • GIS map displays of the parcel and abutters to the parcel of GeoTMS records