GeoTMS Web

GeoTMS Web supplements your permitting and inspection system by letting contractors, municipal employees, and the general public access data critical to project success. GeoTMS Web is a browser-based solution that allows users to access permit, inspection, and parcel data associated with projects across the municipality from any Internet-enabled machine.

Our GeoTMS Web solution comes complete with a comprehensive set of administrative tools that seamlessly upload data according to your schedule-automatically. And with your Web site available 24/7, you get peace of mind knowing that your site is ready to provide users with up-to-date information.

With GeoTMS Web, you will increase productivity, increase information flow, and cut down on status inquiries of project information. To utilize GeoTMS Web all you need is FTP capabilities and an Internet connection. GeoTMS Web comes with standard utilities to automate your data upload process and control the data you want to display on your site.

Online Permitting and Renewals:

GeoTMS allows your municipality the ability to accept and approve permit applications online.

  • Consumers register and establish a user account
  • Apply for selected construction permits
  • Several payment options including electronic check
  • All payments are electronically deposited into specified municipality depository accounts
  • Permits may be sent electronically
  • Reduction in foot traffic and phone calls


  • Easy to Install- User-friendly installation utilities provided with solution
  • Easy to Use- Point-and-click technology allows users to easily utilize information
  • Easy to Customize- Administration functions allow you to determine the information available through the service
  • Easy to Maintain- Web site support ensures you never experience down-time


  • Increase Productivity- Spend less time answering status questions and more time with critical tasks
  • Enable Public Access- Allows the general public, contractors, and employees access to critical project data